Bus digital signage is turning green

Bus digital signage: Why going digital is convenient

With bus digital signage passengers are able to see real time information about bus routes, traffic updates, schedules and much more. Global Display Solutions (GDS) has developed a special product called E-TelaTM which employs E-Paper modules.

E-paper is a digital, green, bi-stable technology which uses reflected light. Thus, the information on the screen is perfectly readable in all ambient light conditions. This guarantees that no matter what the ambient conditions are, passengers will be able to read the information on a GDS display sign for bus digital signage. It is as readable as the image on a large sheet of paper held in front of you. And this advanced technology is inexpensive to install, because it requires only minimal power.

The digital sign can be also powered by a small solar panel making bus digital signage really effective.

Bus digital signage: enhanced information display

The GDS e-paper solution is integrated with newly created technology, such as GDS-G+BondTM. This innovative advancement improves the performance of the passenger sign and is highly effective 24/7. This is a critical requirement for bus digital signage. Most importantly, you can quickly update passenger information with either minor changes or completely new information. This was not always possible with traditional announcement boards.

Bus digital signage works extremely well as a route-finding tool. This is a vital feature that gives passengers the ability to learn everything there is to know about arrivals, departures and travel guides. Traveling in large cities is complex for the average passenger. Bus digital signage is the ideal solution for both visitors and local residents.

Bus digital signage: why is E-paper ideal?

Digital Signage Technology is the wave of the future. It is rapidly replacing LED technology. Digital Signage has many advantages for companies who want to improve their communication with customers.  Digital Signage provides greatly improved readability and requires far less electrical power. GDS bus digital signage e-paper displays are available in standard 13 inch and 32 inch diagonal sizes. Moreover, GDS can seamlessly tile multiple panels to get a bigger screen dimension.

When a business decides to explore the possibility of using E-paper technology, it is important to talk to a company that has the experience and knowledge to provide the right product. In fact, your display will need to work 24/7  and it must provide vandal protection. Unless the company you deal with has a reputable history with Digital Sign Technology, you could end up with a sign that works for a few weeks or months, but eventually fails after being exposed to vandals and/or outdoor weather conditions. Global Display Solutions understands the requirements that must be met to make displays work well. For over fourty years GDS has been developing and manufacturing leading edge technologies based on LCD, TFT, LED and now E-Paper. GDS has installed thousands of these signs all over the world.

Bus digital signage

Advantages of bus digital signage

E-paper displays for bus digital signage imitate the appearance of ordinary ink on paper. Unlike traditional back lit flat panel displays that radiate light, E-paper displays work with reflected light, just like paper. GDS E-paper displays use the best constituents of the printed page and amalgamates it with electronics to produce a new generation bus digital signage that:

  • Can be updated instantly
  • Uses minimal power
  • Is perfectly readable in the brightest light as well as in a semi-dark environment
  • Withstands all weather conditions

Bus digital signage is one of the most powerful tools for advertising in the transport sector. For over 40 years Global Display Solutions has been leading in the development of revolutionary technologies for digital signage. Our company’s goal is to provide tailor-made digital sign applications that answers customer requirements, while offering lifetime support.