Digital Bus Stop: Why bus stop should go digital?

Digital bus stop: how to run it without electricity

According to a research study conducted in Atlanta, more than 60% of riders feel more relaxed and perceive a decrease in wait time when they have access to real time information at a bus stop. ( Get inspiration with our real experience in Berlin here)

Currently, there are several technologies which can provide this information. However, most of them require an electrical installation from an outside source, making both the installation and the cost of operation more expensive.

Digital bus stopE-Paper: The perfect answer for digital bus stop

E-Tela is the name given by GDS to the application of an ingenious product development that has captured attention in several countries. It employs E-Ink technology to provide instant information. It requires no outside electrical hookup and is inexpensive to install and cost efficient to operate. E-Tela needs such a minimal degree of electricity that a small solar panel is sufficient to power a brilliant digital bus stop sign.

E-Tela, also referred to as e-paper, functions very much like a huge e-reader, which you hold in your hand to read a book. One of its most important advantages is that it can be read in any ambient light condition, because it uses reflected light. The brighter the outside light, the brighter and more readable the panel becomes. (Discover how E paper works)

Digital bus stop is embracing E-Paper as standard technology world-wide

Can anyone install one a digital bus stop display? No, this is the tricky part. It requires a company with proven experience to assure that the panel will be able to handle extreme weather conditions and avoid vandalism.

An improperly installed digital bus stop display (or signage not specifically manufactured for outdoor use) might work for a few days or even weeks. But it will eventually fail, just as a commercial TV would fail if placed outdoors for any length of time.

Global Display Solutions (GDS) understands the requirements that must be met to make outdoor displays work well thanks to the thousands of screens installed and properly working all over the world. We have been developing and manufacturing leading edge technologies based on LCD, TFT, LED and now E-Paper for outdoor signage and in particular for the digital bus stop application.

digital bus stop

GDS is the right partner for your digital bus stop

You can be sure of getting the right solution for your digital bus stop when you talk to a GDS representative. We know the TRANSPORTATION MARKET and will be able to integrate your real time information into the display.

You can give your passengers great service by providing accurate, up-to-date information:

When is my next bus arriving?
How long will my journey last?
Are there any disruptions I should anticipate?

You can even provide this information to foreign tourists in their own language. And all of this can be done with solar-powered energy, avoiding the expense of installing and paying for an outside energy source.

In summary, main advantages of GDS solution for the digital bus stop application are:

  • Extremely energy efficient – no outside energy source
  • Real time communication – one update per minute, or even less
  • Paper-like readability in all sunlight conditions thanks to GDS G+BondTM optical enhancement
  • Ability to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Reliable information improves travelers’ safety
  • On-board media player for managing content
  • Environmentally friendly – powered by green energy
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