E-paper display: 5 applications you must know about

E-paper Display for Digital Bus Stop

We all know the feel of waiting for the next bus, subway, or streetcar without real-time information. The wait can seem to last forever. Studies have shown, though, that when riders have access to real time information their waits are perceived to be shorter, even if in reality they are the same amount of time as when they don’t have real time information.( Read also real time bus arrival information system).
E-paper Display are extremely energy efficient, and require no outside energy source.

GDS has developed the ultimate solution for Bus Stop: E-Tela. GDS e-paper display (E-Tela) offers an on-board media player for managing content remotely at any time. Moreover, GDS E-Tela can withstand extreme weather conditions, and be powered by just solar energy.

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E-paper Display for Transportation Information System

Transportation information systems are very important for both the riders and operators of public transit. While many metro systems around the world already offer e-paper displays with estimated waiting times, what makes e paper displays stand apart from the rest is the fact that they don’t use light-emitting diode, or LED, technology thus they require only minimal power to operate.

Global display Solutions offers E-Tela in a 32-inch version as the most suitable product for this kind of application ( read also large format e ink displays ) . GDS E-Tela 32’’ is much more visible than older LED displays while consuming 1/10th of the power. This means that E-Tela e-paper display can be solar powered reducing installation costs compared to traditional technologies.

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E-paper Display for Way finder

Global Display Solutions’ 32-inch E paper Display operates by an embedded media player, which enables local transit staff to update the screen content online remotely. As a result, local transit staff are able to alter the content and information layout with ease, based largely on users’ feedback.

One great way to use the e-Tela e-paper display is to focus on pedestrian issues. One example of this is to improve the way finding design and provide accurate and time-sensitive walk times to various destinations nearby. Another great feature with these displays is their possibility to work off grid and be solar powered. This helps maintaining the urban design of localities. Moreover, these signs are able to withstand all sorts of weather patterns.

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E-paper display for Menu Board

Another great way to use E-paper Display are on the menu boards or restaurants, food stores, and other dining establishments. Unlike current LCD displays which have glossy front glass that causes unwanted glare and reflections of light that make it more difficult for patrons to read the content of the signage, e-Tela provide a matt surface which gives the impression of a natural look and feel.

Moreover, its whites and blacks are true white and black, which together make for exceptionally sharp and detailed images, and clarity of text. This is sure to display your food options in a beautiful and crisp light, which will increase sales. The fact that these displays are digital also allow for an exceptionally varied amount of content to be displayed. GDS offers an indoor version of E-Tela e-paper 32’’ and 42’’ displays for menu boards.

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E-paper Display for Gas Station Price sign

Another useful way to use these E-paper Display are at gas and petrol stations. These displays are easily readable under all sorts of light and weather conditions, and are visible at up to a 180 degree angle.

The display does not show any pixelation effects either, which is a common symptom with older LED displays. The fact that the displays are digital means that the prices can be quickly and easily changed to reflect the current price, and maintain the gas station logo and design. These digital signs need less maintenance and electricity costs, which translate into lower total costs for the owners. They are also extremely reliable, with around a ten year product lifespan.

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