e-Tela: The One-Stop bus stop digital sign solution for the future of Public Transportation

Why are digital information signs becoming so widely accepted at bus stops?

Research has shown that passengers are less impatient at a bus stop when they can see in REAL TIME how many minutes before the next bus arrives. That means they are more satisfied and will use bus service more frequently.

Compare bus stop digital signs with static printed timetables. Bus stop digital sign:

  • Offer 24/7 up-to-date departure times and schedules
  • Don’t need to be manually replaced on a regular basis
  • Offer periodical service information and instant alerts about changes

NOW it is possible for you to provide these advantages with a solar-powered, environmentally friendly, cost-saving device.

Are you aware of the latest trends in urban transportation?

  • Today’s passengers expect up-to-date technology in public services. Old technology conveys less reliability.
  • Printed bus schedules are unnecessary and outdated. They are less reliable and more costly.
  • The advantages of digital signs are glaringly obvious: long-term cost savings; passenger satisfaction; environmentally friendly.

There is a right way and a wrong way to deploy digital bus stop signage

In the past, the installation of LED display screens was costly and impractical. It involved complicated electrical hookups. Even when power sources were available, the construction costs associated with digging a trench for installation of conduit could be prohibitive. With limited funding, that meant fewer signs could be installed. Often the cost of construction was greater than the cost of the product. This meant that fewer signs were installed. The majority continued to be equipped with printed timetables.

Now, with the arrival of solar powered e-TelaTM bus stop digital sign, the future of bus stop digitalization couldn’t be brighter. The installation is straightforward, requiring only standard tools. It can be executed by two installers in less than one hour. And it requires no digging.

But beware! Not all of these outdoor display solutions provide the same performance!

The GDS e-Tela solution, based on the E-Ink bi-stable display technology, has been recognized by a team in Berlin as the best-in-class solution.  It is not only preferred by passengers, but has been noted for its readability, design quality, ease-of-installation, and protection of the environment.  READ MORE HERE!

Bus stop digital sign

e-Tela:  the bus stop digital sign solution for the future of Public Transportation

Real time digital information signs BUILD BUS PASSENGER TRAFFIC.

This technology is replacing outdated bus signs across the country because it offers unparalleled benefits to the transportation industry. It provides perfect readability in direct sunlight as well as in dark environments. This is achieved because of the unique, proprietary GDS G+BondTM optical enhancement technology.

The e-Tela Bus stop digital sign solution makes bus transportation easy and convenient. That’s why passengers love it. They don’t have to guess what time the next bus will arrive. They can plan accordingly, supplementing the information accessible through their smart phones.

The benefits are obvious: real-time passenger information, minimal energy consumption, reliability in all weather conditions. The choice is easy: it saves money, provides better service, and increases passenger traffic.  You can be the company leader by taking the first step toward providing dependable, outdoor information for this fast-paced digital generation of active citizens.

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