GDS has developed the BEST-IN-CLASS Digital E Ink Sign for passenger information: discover e-Tela!

Progressive transportation systems are no longer printing their schedules. That is an outdated and unnecessary procedure. Now you can quickly and easily update passenger information…and save money!

Here are some factors to look at if you are going to modernize your transportation system:

  • Installation costs
  • Benefits to your passengers
  • Long term savings
  • A positive image for your company

Global Display Solutions (GDS) is working with companies like yours. We have a long track record of providing picture-perfect digital media solutions. GDS is a name you can trust to help you GO GREEN!

What is the benefit to passengers?

The main benefit of having a GDS Digital E Ink Sign is greater customer satisfaction!

The biggest headache a traveler faces is: when will the next bus arrive? The GDS e-Tela 13” solves this problem.  All the passenger has to do is look at the easy-to-read screen; the current information is right there. And it is in real time!  That means your passengers will be more relaxed and ready to use your service again and again.

Why is e-Tela so convenient?

In the past, some of the busiest bus shelters used LED screens that required an extensive electrical setup.

This was expensive and did not work for everybody.

GDS solved that problem by making the e-Tela autonomous by using solar power. No more need to install an expensive electrical setup.

Even on cloudy days modern solar panels provide enough electricity to power a GDS bus stop Digital E Ink Sign.  Because of its uniquely designed software and hardware integration, the GDS screen requires very little energy.

It continues to give the passengers highly readable information under any ambient light conditions.

bus_operator_benefits_e-paper_2GDS E-Tela 13” display installed at a bus stop in Berlin

Built to last

Not all digital signs are created equally. They should be able to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, wherever they are located. This includes:

  • Rain
  • Humidity
  • Heat
  • Sub-zero temperatures
  • Salt air
  • Vandalism

Not everybody can provide this level of sustained durability.

The units must be robust and built to last. Global Display Solutions is the company that has partnered with businesses like yours for 35 years.

We are the worldwide experts in bringing quality display systems and signs to every industry – especially the transportation industry.

We are here to help you

Now that you know how the GDS Digital E ink Sign can solve your problems and enhance your customer’s experience, all you have to do is contact us. Our experts will help your team integrate the software into the system so they fully understand it. When your company is seen to be environmentally aware, customers notice and everyone benefits.

Contact GDS to get more information and start your business with the GDS E-Ink Signage.

gds-e-ink-displayBrescia e-Tela 13'' e-paper display