GDS E Ink Display: Here’s why you should know about it!

Public Transportation companies in Europe and the United States are using Global Display Solution’s E Ink Displays. They make it easier than travelling by car! And they’re more reliable.

The demand for a more accurate and timely delivery of passenger information continues to grow.  Public transport needs to become as comfortable, secure and easy to navigate as climbing into and driving your own vehicle.

Global Display Solutions (GDS) is capturing the attention of transportation systems thanks to the new e-Tela™ product line based on the E Ink display. Why? Because, when correctly designed, these signs make it easier for passengers to use public transport. So it increases ridership and revenue.  

Because of GDS e-Tela™ low power consumption (click here to read more about GDS E Ink Signage) and readability in direct sunlight – as well as dark environments – it is a superior alternative to traditional sign technologies, in both contrast and legibility. Operated directly from GDS devices management system, GDS E Ink signage does not rely on constant maintenance, but rather can be updated from a centralized, remote location.

Understanding how E Ink Technology Works

E Ink technology functions using minute microcapsules that are suspended in fluid within a layer that resembles film. The microcapsules have the width of human hair and contain both white particles with a positive charge and black particles with a negative charge. By using a negative electrical field, the white particles rise to the surface, and conversely by employing a positive electrical field, the black particles rise to the surface.

Thus, by utilizing different fields throughout the screen, E Ink displays produce the written text. Because the technology is bi-stable, no energy is required to keep the content on the screen.

Thus, given its low-power consumption and low-maintenance capabilities, GDS E Ink displays are ideal where electricity is not available.


GDS E Ink Display: why is this the most reliable solution for passenger information?

At bus stops and train stations (click here to read about an installation we made in Singapore), GDS E Ink displays can provide real-time updates, as well as maps and schedules for up to the minute information. They look like paper, so they give the impression of a natural look and feel, but they have all the benefits of a digital solution.

Thanks to more than 40 years of experience in the outdoor environment, GDS can provide outstanding readability and thermal performance. The GDS E ink Display is perfectly legible in all ambient light conditions. The signs are sustainable due to their reliance on solar or battery power (click here to understand why this kind of the device is the ultimate solution for real time passenger information at the bus stop) and their ability to function without complex wiring systems.

They are also rugged and can withstand most weather conditions thanks to the G+Bond technology, a patented gel between the glass and the panel which enhances the optical and thermal display performance in an outdoor environment.

Main features of GDS E Ink displays for passenger information

  • Works in direct sunlight by means of solar energy
  • 180 degree viewing angle
  • Paper-like look
  • Remote content management via Broadband, Wi-Fi or LoRa(TM)
  • Mass content management via single location GDS cloud Device Management Server (DMS)
  • Zero power usage after content is placed
  • Withstands all weather conditions
  • Ultra-light weight
  • Real time information – such as cancelled or amended departures, alerts, and warnings.

GDS E Ink Display Summary

For smart cities (click here to read about 5 applications of GDS e-paper signs), GDS E Ink technology represents a flexible, green alternative to traditional display technologies. Allowing users to view arrival times, maps and schedule changes at bus stops and train stations, GDS E Ink displays represent a digital and energy efficient solution for highly mobile citizens. Its interactive information technology allows for real time information and easy-to-use remote management of sign content. It requires minimal energy consumption and is legible in all weather and ambient light conditions. Highly adaptable and easily installed, GDS E Ink technology represents a substantial step forward in providing reliable, outdoor citywide information for active residents.

Contact GDS to get more information and start your business with the GDS E-Ink Signage.