GDS E Ink Signage: Want to make your signs digital and self-powered by means of solar energy? Here’s how.

E Ink Signage is the right technology for you

There’s a reason that successful businesses are using digital signs based on the E Ink technology.

  • They are easier to read;
  • They allow to deliver more accurate service information to the customer;
  • They can be updated in real-time via wireless connection;
  • They are self-powered by means of solar energy.

Global Display Solutions (GDS) has impressed companies around the world with innovative, easy-to-read E-Ink technology. Its applications are diverse, making it the perfect solution for transportation, retail, gas stations, and quick service restaurants (find out more about 5 applications of GDS E-Ink displays HERE).

GDS makes it easy to install digital signage by offering a one stop solution. With decades of experience in electronic signage, GDS is able to give unparalleled assistance to every business it serves.

From static to dynamic digital with GDS 13” E-Tela

Static signage can’t change your message. Old-fashioned static signs are difficult to read in low light.

However, for some application the “paper-like-look” that the e-paper technology guarantees is a key aspect.

The most used version is the 13 inch digital GDS E-Ink sign since it perfectly matches the size of a standard printer paper.

This GDS E Ink Signage has proven to be the perfect solution for municipalities to use at public transportation stations, bus and train stops. These signs operate with minimal energy consumption and without the need for expensive installation cost. This innovative display sign allows you to provide REAL TIME information for arrivals, departures, detailed schedules and much more. (If you want to discover more, read THIS article about GDS E-Ink solution for Bus Stop).


Do you need bigger signs? Have you considered the GDS E-Tela 32” version?

Public transport companies served by GDS have also taken advantage of the larger display area of 32 inch E-Ink signs in order to present up-to-date information to passengers.

Routes, traffic updates, schedules, promotions, etc. can be displayed for passengers in this larger format. And the larger size means it’s more visible and easier to read. With a total active area almost 4 times bigger compared to the 13’’ diagonal version, the GDS E-Tela 32’’ display can still be solar powered. Thus, it becomes possible to avoid expensive installation cost to run electricity at the sign.

Do you want to show more detailed images – maps and timetables on your E Ink Signage?

Absolute clarity of image has always been of the utmost importance to Global Display Solutions. For this reason, GDS developed a technology to to tile multiple E Ink panels into a bigger sign. 

A result of this technology is the GDS E-Tela A0 product which is composed by 3×32’’ E-Ink panels. This sign is more than 54’’ in diagonal, it has a remarkable viewing angle of a full 180 degrees and it is developed to work in the outdoor environment. The image is viewed with stunning clarity regardless of the weather, position of the sun, or the viewer’s proximity and position from the display. (read also THIS article about large format GDS E Ink displays)

You never have to make your customer strain to read your message. That’s what builds a positive customer experience and long-term relationship.

Conclusion: Does the GDS E Ink Signage fit your needs?

Technology has changed our world. Paper is on the way out, static signage is obsolete…being replaced every day by electronic displays. What better way to bring your business up-to-date, than to start the transition to GDS E Ink Signage Technology?

Contact GDS to get more information and start your business with the GDS E-Ink Signage.