GDS’ Unique Solutions and Technologies

GDS’ Heritage: Delivering Unique Technologies

In 1984, GDS influenced the lighting and display performance market significantly with its newly developed technology: The introduction of the sunlight viewable CRT display brought the benefits of an optimized screen display under natural sunlight conditions to the market. The first thermal bonding technology followed, and allowed even better readability. Ever since, GDS had the chance to reinvent its prior innovations to procure the top-notch quality in display performance.

This article will allow an overview of GDS’ most successful and innovative technologies. Particularly the G+Bond™ and the G+Natural-Light™ are crucial for an outstanding performance and take display performance one step further.

Optical Thermal Bonding:  G+BOND™

Optical bonding is a crucial technology in order to ensure that no thermal circumstances interfere with the readability of screens in outdoor environments. Ever since the year 2000, GDS is developing the innovative G+BOND™. It is the name for a gel resin, which is injected between the screen and the front glass. Since it is bonding the two together, condensational fog and mirror-images through sun-reflections do not occur anymore.

Further benefits of the G+BOND™:

  • angled viewing without reflections
  • superior clarity enhances readability
  • increased strength of the screen
  • durable screen in the outdoor environment
  • heat evenly dissipates across the screen

Thus, the G+BOND™ allows the screen to perform at the ultimate quality and enhances its lifetime at a better cost of life.

Superb lighting technology: G+Natural-Light

GDS' Unique Technologies

In order to optimize display performance at night and in full sunlight, GDS’ development team came up with the G+Natural-Light-Technology. With the integration of this unique feature, 90% of lighting uniformity can be achieved during night-time. The distinct front-glass in combination with the optical bonding technology G+BOND™ allows the light to spread evenly on the screen. This ensures a steady illumination of the e-paper panel in any lighting condition.

It is important to notice, that the G+Natural-Light-Technology works while keeping the power consumption below 100mW. Further, GDS does not make use of any plastic or polymeric material. These would jeopardize the quality of the display performance and lead to a rapid degradation in the outdoor environment.

Integration of these Technologies: the e-Tela™

Both the G+BOND™ as well as G+Natural-Light are integrated in the e-Tela™: The development of this display emerged a joint agreement with E Ink®. Consequently, GDS developed an e-paper on a larger format, reaching up to 13”. The combination of all these innovative technologies culminate in an outstanding performance outdoors:

The e-Tela™ is a big advantage in the transportation signage market. Not only allows optical bonding and night- as well as sunlight-optimization an improved performance: the benefits of the e-paper technology foresee low glare and a crisp display and enhance the readability. Due to the low power consumption, the displays run with solar panels and thus provide a green solution in the outdoor signage market.

etela displayprovidng perfect protection against vandalism