Look how cities are improving their Intelligent Transport Systems!

Look how cities are improving their Intelligent Transport Systems!

Did you know that “Currently, changes in bus passenger waiting time (at the bus stop) are valued at 2.5 times the value of in-vehicle journey time changes”?

It is thought that recent technological changes allowing for many bus passengers to access ‘live’ waiting time when waiting for buses may reduce the negative impact of waiting time. In addition, the availability of such information at the stop may lead to behavioral change, for example walking to the next stop, doing something else like shopping, changing route or mode.

An Intelligent Transportation System enable various users to be better informed and make safer, more coordinated, and ‘smarter’ use of transport networks.

Global Display Solutions (GDS www.gds.com) is bringing new advantages to ITS with the e-Tela display product line. This product is transforming the way information is provided to the public:  it quickly manages complex travel routes, it is easy to install, and it requires no external electric source – it’s solar powered! (discover more about this application here)

And best of all, GDS e-Tela has been a huge hit with commuters!

Commuters find that this system is better than their smartphone.

Now transit agencies are able to publish information in real time…and in a wide-range of conditions. Global Display Solutions is bringing smart cities into the Intelligent Transport Age by installing these self-powered information systems. These signs limit the need for personal and unpredictable digital devices to obtain information on bus service.

Market studies in London(1) show that about half of bus passengers receive arrival information from their smartphones. Yet many do not have any access to live information. Thus, they depend on the schedule shown at the bus stop.

These same studies show that when passengers are given LIVE INFORMATION they feel as though they have not had to wait as long.

Live information at the bus stop, improves passengers’ experience and their opinion of the value they have received.

(1) http://content.tfl.gov.uk/value-of-time-at-the-stop-report.pdf

GDS_Value of time for passengers

Infographic showing the importance of Real Time Information availability at the bus stop

Why are cities installing e-Tela?

Three of the biggest reasons for the popularity of e-Tela are:

1 – ease  of installation;

2 – delivering a better service to passengers;

But, most importantly:

3- Reliability.

A sometimes overlooked, but a very important factor in outdoor signage, is reliability when exposed to extreme weather conditions. This is where the e-Tela system succeeds when others fail.  Because of its durability, e-Tela provides continuous service and reduces maintenance costs for transit agencies.

The system has its own built-in diagnostic system and operates under the most extreme weather conditions, at really low ambient temperature as well as in direct sunlight.

Now that you know how the GDS Digital E ink Sign can enhance your customer’s experience, all you have to do is contact us. Our experts will help your team integrate the software and hardware into the system so they fully understand it. When your company is seen to be environmentally aware, customers notice and everyone benefits.

Contact GDS to get more information and start your business with the GDS E Ink™ Signs.

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