Now a stunning reality: independent, stand-alone solar powered digital bus stop signs…in real time

Accurate information means happier bus passengers!

Nobody likes to wait for the bus. Even worse is MISSING the bus. Whether in sunshine or rain, waiting for a bus is unpleasant. Fortunately, Global Display Solutions (GDS) can solve this problem. Studies have shown that a digital display sign at the bus stop makes the waiting time for the next bus arrival feel much shorter…which makes passengers much happier.

The GDS e paper digital bus stop sign offers a technologically advanced way to show real time information about the next bus arrival.  If a passenger missed the bus on a cold, wet day, he will be able to track in real time exactly when the next bus will arrive.

Look at the advantages of installing a GDS E-paper display solution

When cities and transit authorities look for ways to improve their bus services (read more about real time bus arrival information systems here), they always do so in the hope of finding the perfect balance between customer satisfaction and cost reduction. GDS gives you the best of both. It is the ideal way to improve the customer experience at an exceptionally low cost. The GDS digital bus stop sign is superbly cost efficient to operate, because it runs on solar power.

The minimal amount of energy that is required means that the agency eliminates expensive, electrical installation and maintenance. This makes the GDS digital bus stop sign the perfect tool to deploy in both rural and urban areas. And most importantly, the ability to control the entire display network from one central location makes it simple and cost efficient to service and maintain.

The value of GDS’ successful history in making outdoor, reliable display signs

In cities that are not lucky enough to enjoy perfect weather all year round, it is important to consider the impact that weather can have on your public transportation network – especially your outdoor bus stops.

That is why the digital bus stop information signs developed by GDS, using the expertise accumulated over the past 40 years, is the best solution for you. GDS products are capable of withstanding the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. Our best references come from the thousands of screen owners installed and working perfectly all over the world – from Asia to Europe to the United States. GDS digital bus stop signs are able to withstand even the harshest elements, and are the perfect replacement for the old ink and paper printed sign method of displaying bus schedules, which become obsolete as soon as they are posted.

GDS e-Tela 13” installed in Brescia (Italy) on Google maps!

Your one-stop solution available now from GDS: real time solar power digital bus stop information

Waiting for the bus to take to work, to run an errand, or to return home after a long day is, for many people, an essential part of the modern transportation experience. Recent studies have revealed that two-thirds of the passengers waiting at the bus stop feel more relaxed when they have access to real time, bus schedule information (discover more here).

Before you start a project with GDS e-paper information signs, ask yourself:

  • Will my passengers be more satisfied by having real time information available each time they take the bus? Will they be more likely to use bus transportation in the future?
  • Is it important for my agency to be able to display alerts and other messages across the whole display network, such as service changes, delays or disruptions? And in real time?
  • Is the display partner that I have chosen able to supply a reliable solution? What is their history of accomplishment with outdoor display installations?
  • Is the partner that I have chosen able to offer a turnkey solution with Hardware, Content management, Software and, most importantly, after-sales service and maintenance of the display network?

It is important for cities and transit authorities to do all that’s in their power to make the passenger experience as satisfying as possible. At GDS we believe we have the right products to support you in this journey.

For more information about GDS and their digital bus stop information displays please be sure to get in touch with us today. One of our friendly experts will discuss with you the best solution for your project.

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