Our Experience in Display Performance for Transportation

Innovative Displays for Transportation

Nowadays, urban transport is a big marketplace for display performance technologies, i.e. in transportation. In order to meet the right target and provide stimulating content, e-paper demonstrated to be ideal. It has significant advantages when compared to traditional paper and provides an alternative to LED/ LCD technologies:

  • Increased readability through low glare
  • Maintains a crisp display of information
  • Less power consumption through bistable technology
  • Allows the use of solar panels
  • Comes in multiple sizes

In order to take advantage of these benefits, experience is key in providing an excellent and robust product. Particularly in the area of technology development, experience is equivalent to a label of proof. Only an outstanding service and an exceptional product allow customer satisfaction and market leadership on the long run.

Renewed Joint Development Agreement with the E-Paper Market Leader

GDS has an established relationship with E Ink®, the company that developed the e-paper technology in the first place. In this regards, E Ink® is the market leader and an established monopoly. Consequently, our partnership is crucial in order to take e-papers one step further:

Thanks to a Joint Development Agreement with E Ink® GDS was able to transform the e-paper technology into large display formats, the e-Tela™. This technology is ideal for the outdoor market, i.e. for transportation, road and retail signage as well as in other DOOH applications. The Joint Development Agreement – established in 2013 and recently renewed – allows GDS to keep investing in the development and advancement of e-Telas™. The access to strictly confidential technical information and the right to test new innovations is highly important: it allows GDS to adapt the product to the needs of its customers while integrating the newest technologies and developments. READ MORE ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH E INK ®

GDS is the Connoisseur for Display Performance in Transportation

Since GDS is a worldwide leader in the transportation signage market for almost 20 years, we are able to meet our customers’ needs and demands while being aware of their concerns. We entered the market with the LCD-TFT displays, but since 2013 we are able to provide the e-Tela™ for an improved customer experience.

The e-Tela™ can be easily integrated into your existing SW infrastructure without recurring licensing fees. We have a broad network of local partners who work with us for warehousing, installations, maintenance, services as well as training. Depending on your convenience, GDS can thus offer a turnkey solution. We also act as a general contractor while offering HW, SW, installation and maintenance.

Sustainable Solution and Tech Innovation

E-Tela™ proved to be a beneficial alternative to LED/ LCD displays: Not only does it work with green energy thanks to its compatibility with solar cells, but e-Telas™ also allow increased readability due to innovative technologies.

GDS is your partner to benefit from the e-Tela™

  • 20 years’ experience in the transportation signage market
  • Innovative technology allowing to develop and test new advancements thanks to renewed agreement with E Ink®
  • Local partners for warehousing, installations, maintenance, services as well as training
  • No recurring licensing fees
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