What will the BUS STOP OF THE FUTURE look like?

Picture this: a bus stop featuring modern conveniences for passengers

Urban infrastructure is changing – especially transportation. It needs to be updated to reflect our current culture and technology. ESPECIALLY at BUS STOPS!

Aside from providing shelter for those waiting to board a bus, bus stops have also become social gathering places for those who live in or visit the neighborhood. Amenities like places to charge your mobile phone are one way bus stops are modernizing. But most importantly, the bus stops of the future will display real time information about arrival times – even at remote locations . How is this possible?  Companies are turning to solar powered e-paper displays.*

Passengers no longer have to search for the next arrival time on their cell phone. This 21st century signage provides unmatched customer service and satisfaction to bus passengers (read more about our display solution for bus stop here).

Urban planners know that it is important to use an e-paper display that can operate in an outdoor environment. This is where the expertise of Global Display Solutions (GDS) makes all the difference. After many years of developing and perfecting outdoor displays, GDS understands what is required to enable a digital sign to survive for long periods in outdoor environments.

You can make a difference by using GREEN TECHNOLOGY.

One of the greatest features of futuristic bus stops is their energy efficiency. The GDS e-paper displays use environmentally friendly technology that operates completely with solar power (read more here). This is a growing trend throughout the industrialized world.

Companies are using solar and wind power because it is cheaper and improves the environment. GDS e-paper digital displays eliminate the expense of installing and paying for outside energy sources. Where GDS e-paper displays have been installed, repair costs from heat, vandalism or excessive rain are virtually eliminated.

Brescia GDS e-Tela e-paper displayGDS e-Tela 13” e-paper display installed at a bus stop in Brescia

And now you can monitor your transportation network from ONE CENTRAL LOCATION.

One of the most technically advanced features of the future bus stop is the ability to control the display network from a centralized management interface.

This is the brain of the bus stop operation.

It is capable of updating immediately any changes in arrival times at the bus stop. This system has an abundance of features, including a user-friendly, cloud-based management system. This means that it can be accessed from any location and from any device. The display network is always under your control.

What are you waiting for?

Bus information signs of the future are available in many languages. GDS e-paper displays are built to last and beautiful to look at.

Whether you are grabbing a cup of coffee, reading a local magazine, or charging your phone, the bus stop of the future will have you covered (literally!) while you wait for your bus. You will be able to keep track of your bus schedule with the distinctly readable GDS e-paper display. It is energy efficient and sturdy enough to withstand the harshest elements Mother Nature has to offer.

If you think that a GDS e-paper display can fit your application or your city, please do not hesitate to contact us. Join the growing list of companies and find out how Global Display Solutions can give YOU the best solution!


*Electronic paper – or e-paper – is a technology that mimics in appearance the printing of ink on paper. The GDS e-Tela display based on the electronic paper technology is a durable and easy-to-read screen. The GDS solution is especially useful where there is limited access to electric power, or planners are requiring a reduction in the cost of the display operation.

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